Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dearly Depotted - Book Review

This past weekend, I finished the third Flower Shop Mystery by Kate Collins, Dearly Depotted.  As with the previous two books, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one!

From the back cover - Well, it looks like my cousin Jillian is heading for the altar again, and guess which bridesmaid is doing the flowers?  Yep, me, Abby Knight, law school dropout, owner of Bloomers, and - did I mention? - ex-fiancee to the best man!  That's a bumper crop of trouble, even before I find a party-crashing guest dead at the reception...Pushing up Daisies...Abby has her hands full at Jillian's wedding, doing triple duty as florist, bridesmaid, and grandma-sitter - all while wearing a horrendous floral print that makes her look like a clown.  But the real trouble starts when the grooms ninety-year-old grandma disappears from the reception.  While hunting for her, Abby discovers the body of Jack Snyder, one of the guests, behind the ministers' platform in the gazebo.  And when Abby's assistant's new boyfriend becomes a suspect, she decides she must find out who killed Jack in the pulpit.

My take - This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites.   Abby can't help herself when there's a murderer on the loose, especially when her assistant's boyfriend is the one the cops have pinned for the murder.  Of course, she enlists the hunky bar owner from down the square for help again, and that is always entertaining.  I usually don't try to figure out "who done it", but this time I was excited that I got it right.  I was a little perturbed with myself when I went to grab the fourth one off the bookshelf and realized that it's the fourth, fifth and eighth that I was missing.  During the Super Bowl, I did what any logical book lover would do and logged on to Amazon.  They'll be here tomorrow!! 

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