Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring, Spring, Spring

I know, I's no where near spring, but it sure felt like it today!  I've also had the children's book, A Home for A Bunny, on my mind for several days and if you've read it, things are repeated in threes.  It's been a while since we've read it considering the youngest is now 10, but it's still a favorite.  Haven't read it to your children yet?  It's never to late to pick up a copy at the library, sorry, but I don't have the author off the top of my head.

Back to the matter at hand, it was so nice today and it gave me and Amy the perfect excuse to drive over to Shades of Green.  Hello, succulents!!  Their succulent house was loaded and I had a wagon loaded in record time.  I lost quite a bit when it got into the 20's (unheard of) and popped a breaker trying to run two heaters on the same plug.  Stupid yes, will I make that mistake again, NO WAY!!  They had several things that I had lost and several things that I just needed.  Yes, needed.  They're all pictured below, minus an pink egdged Aenioum that I had already tucked into a hanging basket and a lovely Goldfish Plant hanging basket.


This looks like an octopus, but I'm thinking it might be something called Medusa's's really cool regardless!

My previous 'Bear Paws" didn't make it after the girls toppled it, how could I pass this one up!!

Our little "Ric-Rack' Cactus is trying, but we couldn't pass up this one.  We both brought one home.

This is one of my favorites, her leaves are trimmed in purple...what's not to love! 

Have a great week!


  1. What an awesome selection! They are all so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!

  2. I just LOVE your new succulents! And yes, I believe that you absolutely needed these. :D The one with the light green petals in the middle is especially ravishing. And your amaryllis was gorgeous!