Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Joys of Rearranging Furniture

This evening brought great excitment to the B House...we rearranged the living room!  I know, you're probably thinking, "and that's exciting, how?", but for us, it was very exciting.  A few years ago when we had the floors redone, they ran the cable under the carpet to keep it from showing.  That was great until I wanted the tv on the other wall, and then it was just irritating.  I finally called Dish Network the other day, and while I was prepared to pay a fortune for them to give me another option, it was free!!  They made it out Sunday and now I have two connection options, which again was reason to celebrate.  While Bob and the oldest trimmed back the crape mrytles, the little one and I got busy pushing things around.  I have to say that I LOVE IT!!  Bob's already betting that I rearrange it again it in the very near future.  He could be right, but I'm not about to tell him that. :)  I was a military brat, and as a result of that I like to move things around. He lived in the same house his entire childhood and does not like to move things around.  I used to compensate my lack of rearranging furniture with switching long distance or cable providers, much to hubby's displeasure mind you.  That's a thing of the past, but now I can move the living room around as much as my little heart desires!!! 

I'd share a picture, but you don't know what it looked like before so it wouldn't have the impact it's having on me at the moment. 


  1. It has been so long since we have moved the furniture around! I used to do it all the time over the years...but the darn satellite hookup is always the problem. I am planning to buy a new couch after I get back to work...that should be that is L shaped with a sleper inside. What the heck, maybe I will buy two!!! I'm so glad you like your new livingroom!!!!!

  2. I know that it looks wonderful, but I am still waiting for pictures.