Sunday, November 14, 2010

Web Cams and Bell Peppers

On the laptop that my parents gave our oldest daughter there is a web cam built in.  I've given numerous lectures on why she's not allowed to use it unless she's in the living room or kitchen, and she's honored those lectures.  Tonight, she was on the phone with my mother and summoned me and Daughter #2 upstairs.  Guess who was on web chat?  My mother!  I almost cried!!  It was super cool to get to see my mother on the computer screen.  I know that I talk to her every day, sometimes two or three times a day, but this was awesome!  The girls stayed on the computer with her for a while after I walked out.  Watch out, I'm gonna steal the laptop!!

Check it out, Daughter #2's little orange bell peppers are turning orange!  I was wondering when they were going to turn...did we take them off the plant, or did they turn on their own.  Today I found that out..

It's still kind of small compared to the ones that we see in the stores.  Now I have to figure out if they keep growing once they turn orange or if they're done.  I really hope the Guinea Girls like them too!  The red ones that we are growing from seeds of store bought peppers have not produced any actual peppers yet, but they're really growing so we shall see.



  1. How wonderful! I love home grown vegetables. I think once it starts turning it's color it will not grow anymore! And seeing someone on the webcam is really great isn't it. I talk with my sister in Phoenix quite a bit. She shows me her puppy and it's nice to see her face.

    Thanks for the super compliments on my last post. And what is the matter with your wonderful succulents. They are great. I think it sounds terrific if your sweetie will help you with your succulent plot. A rain gutter would help it not get too much run off water for sure.

  2. Something tells me you will be stealing that laptop! The shame of it all! LOLOL.

    Your green peppers are looking great...the Guinea's are gonna be so happy!!! I can hear them crunching now!!!