Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ready for Winter

My succulents are going to have a great time this winter in their new greenhouse!  They'll have to share the space with a few bougainvilleas and hibiscus, but it was bought with them in mind.  You might notice that we're in two different yards.  My husband got mine up so fast that I didn't get any pictures.  My Neighbor Friend also bought the same thing, so once we were done with mine, we went across the street to put hers together.  I also got pictures to share.

 It arrived last week in a box like this...
All laid out...
She had to do an impromtu mowing session once we chose the spot for hers.

My Neighbor Friend and me in mine....
It's up and in it's new home! 

This weekend I'll start putting the shelves in mine so that I'll be prepared for getting them in.  They're all loving the cooler weather, so I can't likely put them in right now.  The bougainvilleas are blooming again, so there's no way I'm putting them up.  I'm thinking it won't be until December that everything goes in, but at least I can put some things away.  My husband is excited and was more than willing to put it up for me if it means keeping his garage plant free for the winter.  It gets a little dangerous, especially before I cut the bougainvilleas back...they're awful spikey!


  1. Mandy this is awesome! Where did you get this from and how much did it cost! I have been looking for something like this! Please let me know asap! Thanks honey!

  2. Hey also how do you make labels! That is so cool, then people can click on stuff to fine it!