Monday, November 22, 2010

Photography and a Sugar Cookie Eating Corgi

Our oldest daughter has a passion for photography.  She's been snapping photos for as long as I can remember and more often than naught I'll find odd pictures on my camera that I don't remember taking.  She wanted a way to share her photos with other people and so I suggested a blog.  This evening, she set up Take a Chance...Dream.  I'm not sure what all she has on there tonight, but I'm having a "proud mama" moment and wanted to share.

Said daughter also has a thing for baking.  Usually at the most inconvenient times for me, but she's old enough now to work unsupervised, so it works out.  I think she intentionally waits until I'm half asleep in the chair on a Friday or Saturday night to ask if she can bake keeps me out of the kitchen.  This weekend, she printed out a recipe for sugar cookies and went to work.  They were scrumptious, but thanks to our four legged princess we won't be having anymore.  As the story goes, the girls had the Ziploc bag sealed and on the fireplace while they were Rock Banding it this afternoon.  The little one turns around to see the dog with her snout in a now shredded Ziploc.  It took them several attempts to get the bag and remaining cookies away from her, and the normal laid back princess had them scared!  It seems that she lunged at Miss Bakes-A-Lot twice before they got the bag away from her!  Lunge might have been a bit strong, she probably just showed her teeth!  She also got a good pop on the nose before retreating to her favorite spot under our bed.

Too bad I was at work during all this, it would've made for a good laugh! 



  1. Oh, I am gonna go check out your daughters blog! I like the title! That cookie incident sounded really funny, but glad they got the plastic bag away from the pooch! Goodness. Thatis a lovely flower, BTW...kinda puts me in mind of my okra blooms!!!

  2. Yes, the girls had a good scare. The youngest one calls and says,"Nana, will Goldie die? She just ate the sugar cookies and some of the plastic bag.". I told her probably not, but that I was sure she enjoyed the cookies! I know that Capt. Knuckles would have enjoyed getting a hold of some cookies. But he does love it when I get the Pork Skins out. The only thing, he eats them plain, while I have the hot sauce with them. I also know he munches a lot louder than I do.