Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Mixup

I took a vacation day today, so while the girls were at their last day of volleyball camp, my mother and I got to spend the day together...without extra voices!  Our first stop was Schultz nursery were we picked up a pot saucer, much needed Hibiscus food and a yellow bell pepper plant and a cucumber plant.  I'm going to try these from seeds for next year, but when I saw them already growing I wanted to see how well I'd do with them.  My intent is to grow the bell peppers and cucumbers for the guinea girls.  We'll see!  Then we hit Half Price Books!!  This is our favorite spot and the fact that she's been here since Friday afternoon last week and we'd yet to make it there was nothing short of a crime again book lovers! From there we went by Ross, just to look of course.  :) I got a pot for my Plumeria and another great pot for that "just in case" moment since I never know when I'll bring another plant home! From there we had to pick up the girls and took them to the mall for some school clothes shopping...not the best part of the day considering everyone and their extended families were there!  Okay, maybe not that bad, but close enough to cause my blood pressure to rise.

I'll post pictures as the vegies grow (keeping my fingers crossed), but I've got one of the Plumeria...can't wait to watch it grow and smell it's lovely blooms!  Never mind, I guess I just thought I'd downloaded them and my camera's been hijacked by Caitlin so she can download her volleyball pictures.  Priorities!  So, I'll just have to share a photo from their summer adventure.  I think I need my eyes checked...found them!

Plumeria...shared the little one with my mother.

I forgot to share this little surprise I got the other morning.  I went out to water and my Senecio Haworthii 'Cocoon Plant' had three little blooms! They are different that any other's I've gotten so far from my other succulents, they look like sheer paper umbrellas like you'd get on a fruity drink.  The only lasted a day, looked the next day and everything was gone, stems and all!
Senecio Haworthii 'Cocoon Plant' Blooms
Pitcher Plant...made two baskets out of this one; one for my mother, one for me.

Another carnivorous plant to add to my collection of one! This one has bigger "pitchers" and they look like they have fur on them. 

Now for summer fun. Excuse the crappy size, I haven't got a clean copy yet and took this one off the oldest's Facebook page.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey Mandy...looking closely at your Senecio Haworthii, it looks like those "blooms" are coming straight out of the dirt, and my first thought when I saw them was that they were mushrooms. They have a classic look, and when you said they only lasted a day, it tipped me off to look closer at the pic. I am looking around on mushroom sites to ID, and I know I have seen some before that looked very thin, and if they were not the same, they were very close. They can be decieving! I will let you know if I can find anything. The ones here were growing out of the dead trunk area at my Moms house! They were so beautiful, I just stood and stared at them forever!!! They also only lasted one day...they are very fragile!!! The stems are identical also. I am fascinated by mushrooms and fungus! They are the coolest things ever!!! Possibly even cooler than succulents! LOLOL! :)
    Glad you and your Mom got some time together! That half price books store sounds awesome...I wish I had one!!!!!
    Have a fun rest of the summer with your girls! We have tax free days coming up on August 13-15, which will be nice!!!

  2. I think I it!!! It is a member of the Inky Cap Mushroom family. It is like a Japanese parasol. You can see it here: HERE. It is seen a lot in lawns and probably the spores were picked up in the wind and blew to your pot! You might find them in your lawn after a lot of water...and you have to really watch, because they only last like 12 hours or less! How fun! Thanks for can find a few photos of them on Google, but good photos are hard to come by. If you feel inclined, you might want to submit it to one of the mushroom ID sites online...this is a fantastic find!!!! Great photo!!!!

  3. That link didn't work. Try copying and pasting this address:

  4. I'm sorry...I read that opens in early morning, and is gone by 10AM!!! They are very short lived!!!

  5. Not to totally freak you out on how exuberant I got over is a great 2 pages of photos! The second page is better than the first! These are so neat!!!

  6. Julie you crack me up! I tried the link and could not see the mushroom that looked like this one. It gave me pages upon pages of mushrooms. But Mandy I think they are mushrooms too. The flowers are suppose to be yellow to light cream yellow. They pitcher plant is awesome and I would love a plumeria plat. Even though I kill most regular plants. Can't wait to see all the plumeria flowers when I am in Maui!

  7. I'm pretty sure I'm killing the Plumeria, Candy! I moved it and something took the little blooms off that were just about to open...grrr! I've got to get some sand so I can repot it the way it is happiest and then I'll do my best. How fun, I want to go to Maui!!

  8. Hey Mandy! Did I ever invite you to join Cactus Monday??? The link over to Teri's blog to let her know is in my sidebar. We post both cactus and succulents, and Candy just joined also! We would love to have you! People post photos , paintings, drawings, etc...anything related to cactus or succulents on Monday, and Teri has a "Mr. Linky" at the bottom of her MOnday post where you can sgn in to play and others will come by to see what you post and you can visit them as well. It is fun...and you don't have to do it EVERY week...just when you want to or can. Think about have so many awesome plants...and you posting about them to see you at Cactus Monday!

    P.S. Hope you are having fun with your girls during these last weeks before school starts again!!!

    P.S.S. BTW...can you see if these Kalenchoe I posted are large Donkey Ears??? I went out and looked at the ones you sent me, and comparing the markings, it looks like they are! I am so excited if they are, because I will start propogating them for outside...they are just stunning in an outdoor setting!!!!! Thanks so much for sending me some. I shared some with my friend Karen too...she loves them!!! :)