Sunday, August 29, 2010

Delightful Garden Smells

Today while Shelby and I were out and about, we stopped at Milberger's...just to look around of course!  I gave her strict instructions to not let me walk out of there with any new plants; I just needed to wonder around.  She must have been a little weak today herself.  First I saw the cutest little Plumeria's, and I needed the red one!  It's not blooming, but I'm going to trust the label and expect some pretty little red blooms that will smell heavenly.  Next was the Lavender.  Mine recently bit the dust, and I'm completely baffled.  It made it through last summer when we had 50+ days of triple digit heat with no rain, a colder than usual winter and she just up and died a few weeks ago.  They had the Goodwin Creek variety, and that happens to be my favorite with her frilly leaves.  What was I supposed to do but to bring two home and put them in the ground!  They're tiny now, but they have plenty of time to grow and it should start getting cooler in the next few weeks.
Goodwin Creek Lavender
Then we found the highlight of the day!  Patchouli plants on the next aisle over...wahoo!!  I love Patchouli  and have been on the look out ever since I found out it was an actual plant and not just a yummy scent. She looks pretty plain, but smells divine!! 
Patchouli Plant (Herb)
She is going to be the perfect front porch companion to my Vick's Plant that my neighbor started for me.  I think I've mentioned it before, but don't remember sharing a picture.  If I did, oh well...enjoy it again, my memory isn't so hot at the present time.
Vick's Plant
This one's got fuzzy leaves and smells just like Vick's Vapor Rub.  I was even more excited to find out that it's considered a succulent, and we all know how I adore succulents!  I had her in the backyard and the sun was a little much, so she's recuperating rather quickly on the front porch. 

I'm thinking that next spring I'm going to create an aromatherapy garden.  These will all be nice additions as well as my Chocolate Mint to whatever else I come across. 
Chocolate Mint
Looking forward to a wonderful week!

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  1. OMG, Shelby really fell down on the job today!!! LOL! I sure like all your smellilishious plants!!! An aromatherapy garden sounds really great!!!