Monday, July 5, 2010

Hibiscus and Succulents

I can't believe that it's already the end of the last day of the long went by much too fast, as usual!  Our neighbor friends decided to finally tackle the crushed granite path they wanted to make from the front fence all the way back around their back porch.  We always work together, this one my husband represented our team more than I did, but from Saturday morning through 2 p.m. today they got it done! There's something about mud that does nothing for me, so I was much more useful today than the other two days.  I dabbled more at cleaning my house and getting the back porch in order; still have a ways to go with both!  I did however get the succulent hanging baskets done for the front porch.

Other than the Kalancoe 'Chocolate Soldier's' in the middle, everything should grow and hang over.  There's a 'Brown Bean' Sedum, 'Vera Higgin's' Apenglow and a few other Sedum and Echeveria varieties.  Hoping that these should do better in this spot than the Chocolate Mint did...that got repotted and put in the back yard in a shadier spot.  I also worked on the succulent pots that my mother bought and left for me to pot.

This one's my mother's.

This one is mine.
It was dark when I finished these, but I figured I'd take more as they fill out.  Julie, the 'Mother of Millions' you sent me has done really well, so much so that I shared one of them with my mother.  I put my Kalanchoe Serrata, 'Magic Tower', on the top of mine with an Echeveria.  The 'Magic Tower' is more pinkish than the 'Chandelier Plant' that I already had, and it's leaves are serrated, whereas the other is more tubular.  I bought another Hibiscus Saturday morning, my neighbor and I couldn't not leave Home Depot with them.  This is her first and I did warn her that they're also addictive.  They had these great little bushes called 'Carolina Breeze'...a gorgeous orange! 

Off to make an enchilada casserole before we start wilting!

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends!


  1. Your pots look wonderful! I'm glad you are sharing with your Mom...that's what it's all about!!!

    Our Home Depot had these same orange Mom and I commented on them as we were entering the store the other day.

    I just bought, for the first time ever, 2 cans of mild enchilada sauce to try to make a 13 x 9 pan of them one night. I thought I would use a pre-cooked chicken and dice it up for the filling...with tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream!

  2. How funny...I guess it was National Carolina Breeze Week at the Home Depot's across the nation! A coworker saw them at the one near her house as well this weekend! Only I can't just comment...nooo, I have to bring them home!

    You'll enjoy them! I sometimes use the cheesy chicken left overs for chicken enchiladas...I have to say though, I haven't got the knack of rolling the corn tortillas without busting them, so I'm more apt to throw it in a casserole and save myself the frustration! Let me know how you like them!

  3. Sounds really good girls! Yummy! And I love your succulent strawberry pots. I do that too. I have a couple that are overgrown now and have to be taken apart and replanted. Glad to see someone else is doing it. I was about to do a post about them.

  4. Oh and you are not going to believe it but I have the same hanging planters that I have been working on to hang all around my gazebo! They look great!

  5. Do you have the succulents in them too? I wasn't sure how they'd do with the coconut liners, but I figured they had to do better than the overneedy mint!

  6. Succulents are all I grow so yes! I will have to post about them. But sooner or later they too need to be replanted because they are overgrown.