Monday, October 10, 2011

Huernia confusa 'Lifesaver'

I stumbled on another Huernia that I didn't already have!!  Let me correct that, I had one coming in the mail, but I really didn't know if they were the same or not, and the more Huernias, the better!  The other varieties I have were in this post.  Now I know that this one is different than the one that I recently received in a swap, because that one is red and this one is brown. 

Meet Huernia confusa 'Lifesaver' brown!

The first picture was outside, but I couldn't get close enough with my camera since it's pouring down rain right now.  I threw on my rain jacket, tiptoed through the mud to bring it in for a better picture.  I adore the raised "lifesaver" in the middle.  

I think these are running a close race for my favorite next to my treasured Kalanchoes! 

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  1. Hey you know what! The one I sent you might be slightly different. Check out this post: