Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Succulent Additions

While I was at Rainbow Gardens for the sole purpose of identifying my Jewel of Opar, I couldn't resist a walk through the succulents.

First I found something that I've only seen once and that was at East Austin Succulents and also not for sale.  It's a Kalanchoe tomentosa, but not the usual Panda plant, Chocolate Soldier or even Golden Girl.  No, it's the giant leafed, super fuzzy one!!!  It's so fuzzy that it's actually kind of scratchy when it rubs against your skin, and it's leaves are huge compared to the other varieties that I have.

Now to find the pink tinged one that I've only seen online. 

They also had a few of the Kalanchoe 'Fang' variety.  My large one froze last winter, and the puppies decided to pluck the babies that I was growing up a few days earlier.  Of course I needed another one.

This next one is new to me.  It looks like it might be a Kalanchoe variety, but I'm not sure what.  I just really like the color, it reminds me of Kermit the Frog.  I'm thinking Kalanchoe because it looks a little like my Flapjack variety, but maybe not. 

The weather man keeps promising that we're past the triple digit heat, so maybe, just maybe these won't get fried!  It's funny how quickly they respond to the reprieve from the heat.  My Flapjack's have been stunted all summer...they're all nicely red around the edges, but wouldn't grow.  Just in the week that it's not been so hot, I can see where they've already started growing again.  Friday and then again today, we were blessed with some much needed rain.  I'm expecting nice changes as a result of this treat in the coming weeks also.

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  1. Oh...Mandy...these are drop dead wonderful!!! WOWZERS!!!