Thursday, June 16, 2011

Succulent Bed

After what seemed like months of procrastinating, I finally grabbed the shovel and put the succulents in the ground this past weekend.  It wasn't as though it was a huge project, but those rocks made it appear so much more daunting of a task to me.  Summer hit us with a bang, seeing as we've already had a number of triple digit days and it's not officially summer yet, I figured I'd better get a move on it!  I was actually pretty pleased with the end results.  Click on the pictures and it gives them to you a little larger.

In the pot, Huernia, a grapto-something ( I think) and something I haven't identified yet.  Orange bulbine, Pedilanthus macrocarpus 'Lady Slipper', Aeonium 'Platter Plant', a curly echeveria, stonecrop and another little echeveria.
A repeat of above, with the 'Propeller Plant' Crassula and another echeveria.

Sanservia line the back with the 'Propeller Plant' again along with a sedum and two more echeverias. 
The backrow pots are 'Brilliant' sedum and the regular Lamb's Ear.  The middle pots are the large Lamb's Ear and Lollipop Plant.  The front pot didn't survive.

More Sanseveria, a Broomstick Plant, and aloe or agave (not sure), another echeveria, pink dahlia.  The hanging basket is a kalanchoe and I can't remember the other one.  It's fuzzy and it's blooms are supposed to attract bugs and smell horrible.

I'm looking forward to everything filling in, hopefully that won't take forever.  I was able to pick up some larger plants that were priced really good to mix in with the smaller guys.  I'm most excited about the 'Lady Slipper' and my 'Propeller Plant'...I'm excited to see how well they do.  I kept the things in pots near the door to the garage so that I can move them when we need to have that door open. 



  1. Wow! Now that's some diversity! I think it could use a bit of height, and you're in a zone where you could possibly grow some roadkill cactus. It gets tall but won't grow that far out into the bed seeing as how flat it is. It says 9B, but it might be fine against the side of your house. If not, take a few cuttings for overwintering as added insurance. They grow VERY quickly. It's just a thought. I can't quite tell what all you got in there. Can you post a list? I'd love to know!

  2. Ok outstanding! This rock garden is going to be super. Can't wait for future pics. I love the large rocks that you used also!

  3. Oooh I love your new succulent bed!!! I did the same not too long ago in a rocky corner of my mother's yard, I call it Cactus Corner! I have only done one post but I need to do another soon because it has grown like crazy! It is amazing how fast and how well they do in the ground... I can't wait to see how your succulent bed fills in!!! AWESOME! :)