Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Plants

I must have been going through withdrawals!  My husband and I were at Home Depot on Sunday looking for a specific battery.  While there, I thought it'd be a great idea to see if they had those frost covers for my succulent pot that isn't able to be moved.  We conveniently walked past where they keep their little collection of succulents and I found another Senecio Medley woodii!  Mine didn't appreciate the temperatures this past summer and died, so now can try again.  I like the way it looks like the leaves are covered with cobwebs.

Senecio Medley woodii
Then we were on our way to the register and I found these.  My co-worker has one and I thought I needed one to, so I'm sure it was sitting there waiting for me to take it home with me.

'White Anne' Fittonia argyroneura
And this one.

'Red Angel' Fittonia argyronerua

And this one...I really like her, she's fuzzy and very soft!  The purple is nice too.

'Purple Passion' Gynura aurantiaca
That was that for that trip.  Tonight we made a trip to HEB to get everything for his last hunting weekend.  It wasn't until we were standing in the express line that I saw these.  They look a little abused, but they were only $1 each and I really wanted Tulips.  One is red and the other is purple.  My husband's response?  I think he growled at me, followed by rolling his eyes and muttering under his breath.  You think he'd learn by now that if there is a plant to be found, I'm going to find it.  I don't have the first clue what to do with Tulips except that I read a book once by Robin Jones Gunn about two friends in the Netherlands I think it was, and ever since I've wanted them.   I'll research them when I'm done here, for now they're just fine on my cluttered table. 

That's it for this week.  I just thought of something, I read some book blogs that do weekly memes on what books arrived in their mailboxes that week...we need one to discuss what plants made it to our houses! 



  1. Hahahaha!! My husband used to grumble but has since given up on trying to discourage my plant fetish, and I think he's starting to get into it as well. He's taken up micro-propagation, and he's now picking out plants he finds interesting. He also used to grumble about the dogs since he's a cat person, but he's out right now walking the dogs. I think he takes pleasure in discovery and figuring out the passions of others. He also used to hate fresh tomatoes, and now he can order salads and sandwiches with the tomatoes which he used to never do. I'm not bragging or anything. It's just funny how things have changed from grumbling to mild enthusiasm.

    I love the plants you picked out. I have a fittonia in a large glass jar, but it's gone leggy. I also used to have a flapjacks senecio, but it died summer of 2009. Not sure what I did wrong, but ah well... Growing tulips in Texas is beyond me. I bought some and put them in the stock tank where they should act like an annual, and as far as annuals go, tulips aren't so bad.

  2. There's still hope for my husband! :) He now refers to my dog by her name (most of the time) and the guinea girls are called rats less often, he actually fed them the other day! Maybe I'll stick them in a pot and see how they do. I don't really like things that only last a short while, but for these I'll try.

  3. Nice collection on new plants! I know what you mean...I can't go to a store that has plants and not look at them. Now, I just park by the garden center at Walmart because I know I will end up there after I get my groceries or before. Also, your blog looks great. I like the new look!

  4. Oh, how funny that you bought a few Fittonias! I had my streak of wanting every one of them!!! I also bought the purple passion, but killed it in no time. The Fittonia are happy in low light in a semi shaded indoor area at my house. They are so cool, aren't they??? Good pics!!! Looks like we are "birds of a feather"!!!

  5. Thanks Amy and Julie! I insist that I shop at Walmart because the groceries are cheaper. While that is true, it doesn't hurt that I always find something that needs to come home with me in the garden section! That's my first stop each visit. Julie, after today's rearranging, there can be no more house plants until the outside ones can go back's beginning to feel like a jungle! Thanks for the compliment on the new was fun figuring out!

  6. I can't believe that you had not told me about these plants, ONLY the tulips. But I forgive you. I have tried my best to stay out of Home Depot and Lowe's. I do look at Walmart, but I think they don't know how to take care of them. For each time I go in, the ones that they have are dead looking.

    I cut back my purple passion that I had in a hanging basket and it is starting to grow. Thanks for giving me the love of succulents.