Saturday, January 15, 2011

Starting Over

I posted a while back about needing to get back into some kind a routine and I have still not taken the time to get in that routine.  I found a blog today called Home Sanctuary and wouldn't you know it, she's an organizational genius (my words, not hers)!  She has this group called Company Girls that do Small Things together.  It sounded interesting to me, and the three posts I read about getting a schedule that works for you was music to this girl's ears.  I tried the Flylady routine once and it stressed me out.  I know that it's great to go to bed with a clean kitchen sink (her main sticking point), but oddly enough some days I prefer to wash the dishes from the night before while I'm making dinner for the current day.  Weird and maybe lazy, but it works for me.  She's failed the Flylady routine herself and I found that rather cool in a bonding sort of way.  What really grabbed me though, was Rachel has sample plans for both Stay at Home Moms AND Work Outside the Home Moms.  This is wonderful because most of what I've ever seen is aimed towards Stay at Home Moms and it's not anywhere close to workable for the others.

I'm going to try it.  Today I won't get a lot done since I've spent the morning cuddling with my little one watching DVR'd NCIS: Los Angeles and we've got to get cleaned up for volleyball games this afternoon.  I am going to at least get the list she suggested together and tomorrow I'll work on the schedule while I'm sitting at volleyball practice.   Since I LOVE lists and charts, I should do good with this setup.  I'll have to be sure to set time for my plants too.  This morning I went out to turn the heater off in the greenhouse during a commercial and ended up back out there with my camera and scissors.  I have blooms starting on an unnamed Sedum to be share and needed to trim back the dead stems on the Vick's Plant.  While I was out there, I went ahead and pulled the cover off of the succulent tub and pulled a few of the baby 'Mother of Millions' out to bring in the house.  I'm worried they're going to die and that would not make me happy.  I think I need daily time for the plants!! 

The last two weeks have been spent trying to figure out why our oldest was experiencing severe stomach pains.  Finally after missing ten days of school right after the Christmas break, we got an answer and she's back to her normal self!  Hallelujah!!!!!  It's hard to get into any kind of a schedule when your normal routine's been run a muck, so now we should be able to make some progress.  I suppose I don't have an excuse not to get back on the treadmill now, do I?  Darn!

Now to those blooms...

Happy Saturday!!


  1. Your succulents are pretty in bloom!
    I need to check out that site. Is there anything about getting the laundry done and put away? :/

  2. Thanks Amy! I wish it could do my laundry too...I was excited when we got a new washer a few years ago with a delay timer!

  3. Rachel Anne's household tasks' schedule is the best. Glad you found her site!

  4. I will try out the site, starting tomorrow. As far as normal, I don't think that my life knows normal. I love the blooms. You are like your daddy, such a green thumb. Bridgett also got it. Now, I have to wonder, What did they get from me? Also, I am so glad that Caitlin is getting back to herself.

  5. Oh, I love sedum! Your plants are amazing! I've never seen most of these before, and the names just make me giggle -- donkey ears, tiger jaws.... How fun it would be to name a new plant!

    I'm so glad the stomach pains were not something serious. Hope you do super duper well with the new schedule!

  6. I failed at Flylady too...except...I DO clean my whole kitchen every night and every morning after breakkfast! That's about all I do other than run around like a chicken with my head cut off!!! LOL.

    Beautiful sedum!!!

    Glad your daughter is OK now. Hope it was nothing serious!!!

  7. Rats! I lost my comment! I tried FLYlady too. I still use some of the basic principles, but I've developed my own routine now.

    Welcome to the Company Girls! We're very excited you joined the fun! ;)


  8. That is a gorgeous shade of green with just the right punch of yellow...says SPRING to me!

    Thanks fro the links...will check them out. I could use a little genius in my life!

  9. Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving a comment. I am glad to introduce you to the Home Sanctuary site. I'm with you in that I think it is going to help me to get better at getting organized around here. Even if it helps me a little bit, it will mean a LOT! I'm going to become new follower to your blog as soon as I post this comment. Here's to both of us finding our routines!