Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Smart Corgi, One Trained Owner

After being introduced to a Welsh Corgi years ago, I knew that I needed to have one.  When our girls were 4 and 1, I found Corgi/Sheltie mix.

Bob, who was out of town at the time had kept promising me that we'd get a dog since we'd been in the house a few years, but he also kept putting me off.  One day at work, I was on the Animal Defense League and there she was! I went at lunch and much to my surprise, Goldie was completely shaven!  Evidently, her elderly owner had passed away and no one took care of her thick head of hair.  They assured me it'd grow back, so I brought the girls back after work to see what they thought.  They fell in love with her as quickly as I did.  Without calling Bob, I brought her home.  She hid behind the couch and we left to go buy food and other items one needs when they've never had a dog before.  I did call him then, "Honey, when you get home don't be alarmed.  there's a dog behind the couch."  I'm sure he growled, but he knew he'd also been avoiding the inevitable. 

Fast forward 10 years and she's a little older, 14 to be exact, but just as smart.  Since we got the guinea pigs a year ago, her herding skills have been sharpened.  Snowflake has an annoying habit of chewing on the cage and making a ridiculous amount of rattling noise when she wants food, attention or is just bored.  I'm guessing it bugs Goldie because once the wild ruckus begins, she'll come and get my attention (loudly sometimes) and take me into the other room to shut them up.  In the last few weeks though, she's picked up an annoying little habit herself.   At any given time, she'll decide she needs a treat.  First she'll just give me the eye and if I ignore her, which I always try first, she'll start barking at me.  Once I'm up, she'll lead me to the kitchen cabinet and stop.  I comply like a good human and give her the treats and she's content again. 

Goldie in her "summer cut" waiting for a treat

Guinea-sitting the Guinea Girls
Favorite past time, sunning herself


  1. Awwww, I love that she keeps the guinea pigs in check. And speaking of guinea pigs, you should check out the stuff people build for hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits on Ikea Hacker:

    It kinda makes me want to give hamsters another shot, but it would be never ending hell with the cats AND the dogs. Momo barks like crazy at the squirrels, and the squirrels don't live in the house.

  2. I'll have to show my girls tht sight, the little one (who they belong to) is always trying to keep boxes to make them about clutter!

    That's too funny about the squirrels! We tried to adopt another dog, but during her trial visit from the neighbor she wouldn't stay off the cage, so back home she went. I've heard hamsters escape and that would freak me out to no end...not to mention the trauma it would cause the dog!

  3. Goldie is quite a sweetheart! she seems like a great dog and so pretty!