Monday, January 31, 2011

Guinea Pig Drama

It's been a while since I've shared the antics of our guinea girl's.  Friday, their cage guinea mansion got a much needed clean-up.  They both got sprayed down and rubbed with their smell fresh spray and Snowflake enjoyed a brushing.  Miss Hedgie doesn't appreciate the brush so it's probably a good thing that she's got really short hair unlike the other one that sheds like no tomorrow!  Snowflake also tolerates being wrapped up like a baby in a towel.

Not sure what my daughter's issue was other than I think she doesn't want to admit that she loves her sister's pets!

Both girls enjoy their time outside in their little play pen.  Normally, they get the concrete, but it was a little chilly outside.  Snowflake is cute, but she's got quite the mean streak going on too!  They were sharing a little hut that they both fit in fine, however Snowflake has decided it's hers and lays in the doorway refusing to let Miss Hedgie in.

We went and got the giant igloo for them.  Mind you, they should have both been able to share this one and didn't have to touch each other.

Yes, both huts were still in the cage.  Snowflake refused to let her in the large one, chased her out after nose-butting her!  She got tapped on the nose for that one and told to be nice.  The second attempt wasn't any nicer, only this time the nose butt was accompanied by a growl.  You'd think they just met!  To keep the peace, we took the large one back and got another mid-sized one.  They're happy both happy now...

Spoiled little girls...


  1. That is so funny! Silly little things! They both want there own house! LOL

  2. I've thought about getting the kids some guinea pigs, but hubs says no way. :(

  3. They are soooooo cuteeee!!!!! I want one again! Of course, I like teddy bear hamsters too! I can't do it right now while cat is alive...but maybe when I am 65 years old or so...LOLOL!