Monday, September 20, 2010

What To Record?

Tonight I was faced with a new dilemma.  We were watching Mike and Molly (not sure if this is a keeper yet) on CBS and I realized the Hawaii Five-O was coming on, but Castle's season premier is tonight as well. No biggie I thought, we'll just record Castle and watch Hawaii Five-O.  The only problem, I was already set to record Castle and Chase (another new one that sounded appealing)...bummer!  I'm usually quite content with my dual DVR from Dish that records two shows at once, but tonight I needed to record three. What to do!  After much debate, I cancelled the Chase recording and watch Hawaii Five-O; maybe I can catch reruns of Chase in the off season or hopefully they'll reset the days and I can get them all!  After tonight, Hawaii Five-O is going to be a must see for Monday nights or whatever night it lands on...very cool show! 

Not a question of recording is tomorrow night's season premier of The Biggest Loser!!  We've been waiting very patiently for this show to come back on and wouldn't you know it...that's volleyball practice night!

Have a great week!


  1. I think you got it right! Hawaii 50 was great. I like that the opening song is the same. Book em Danno!

  2. Hi! Have you checked out the network's site on the internet? or Often, you can watch the last few episodes of a show online.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that Sweetheart Hoya! Oh my goodness, what a find!

    Thanks so much for your visit. :)