Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby Cucumbers and a Pesky Raccoon!

The guinea girls are going to be so excited...we have TWO baby cucumbers on our plant!  Last week they looked like this...
And yesterday, they look like this...
A close up of the biggest one...
The girls are going to love it!  The bell peppers are flowering, so maybe I'll have something to share on those next week.  The bell peppers are their favorites by far, yellow or red...they love them!

Miss Hedgie

Now to the pesky raccoon you were probably wondering about.  Last night we were in the backyard discussing the flower bed us and our neighbor friends are going to be doing this weekend and Amy spotted a raccoon on our neighbor's roof.  These are the neighbors with the 15 cats, and they have I think 8 bowls of cat food on the back porch at any given time.  My husband mows their yard and keeps us updated on the number of bowls in case you're wondering how I'd know something like that.  Anyways, Amy spots this raccoon and I rush to get my camera.  Finally, I got some shots of it...the whole time hoping he didn't jump off the roof and attack me! Yes, I have a very vivid imagination, but seriously if you were that close to a raccoon you might think the same thing. 

Crazy little thing, only he's really not that little!  And this people is why you should not have 15 cats and 8 feed bowls out!! 

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Awe...such cute cucumbers!!! Those sweet little hammies are so spoiled (as they should be)! That racoon is scary up close! He sure is cute though (from far away)!! LOLOL. You make me wish I could have another hamster. I miss our old one named Joe Boxer. He was the coolest teddy bear hamster in the history of the world. I actually loved a hamster...(miracle)!!! Heheheh!