Sunday, September 19, 2010

Succulents that Need Identified

Does anyone know what these little guys are called?  A neighbor down the street gave them to me, and I'm not having any luck finding out what they are.

This one looks kind of like a Christmas Cactus, only it's not. I'm told that this one gets spectacular blooms, but that they only bloom at night and just for one night.  Amy had one, but it succumbed to the last hard freeze we had.  We're both looking forward to it growing so that I can start another for her. 

This one looks prickly, but it's not...just pointy. :)

I think I'm going to put them in a basket together...I like the contrast of smooth and spiky together.  If they  don't work together, I'll just pluck them and put them in their own pots. 

The third one is a Silver Squill I think...scientific name Ledebouria socialis.  She gave me this one too, and I'm pretty sure I found this one online yesterday for the name, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for your help! 


  1. I think your top plant is an epiphyllum cactus, or jungle cactus of some sort. Here is a site I found where you can find more info if you think it is one of these. Good luck with your ID.

    The second one looks like a Stapeliad or Huernia of some sort. I have one that is similar, but mine has smaller (in diameter) stems. Mine has little red flowers, but you will probably have to wait till it flowers to know for sure which one it is. There are some good picture ID sites online for them both.

    The last one looks like a Silver Squill to me as well. I have a few of these out in my tires. They are so pretty with that pattern on the leaves, aren't they???

  2. Can't help you with names... but Julie's got that covered. Might be a nice combo I think.

  3. Thanks, Evelyn!

    Julie, thank you!! I knew I should've asked you two months ago, but I was trying to find them myself! I'm going to email my neighbor and ask her if the Huernia has ever bloomed. Dave's Garden had several photos that looked just like mine, and they call them Red Dragon. I need to find out if they have red blooms...very exciting!

  4. Mine is caled red dragon, and it does have tiny dark red blooms. They come real low down almost under the are pics of mine:
    Red Dragon Flower, or Huernia Schneideriana