Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Huerrnia - Huernia Procumbens

While it's only been a few months since I have been on a succulent hunt, it has felt like forever.  A few weekends ago, my friend and I stayed home from the coast and went on a hunt.  As usual, Shades of Green had several things that we couldn't go home without.  One of them was this cool little Huernia.  I was really excited that she had a bloom on her so I didn't have to think about the possibility of me having it already. 

Is this not darling!!

She has the raised middle like the Huernia Zebrina/Confusa 'Lifesaver', but her petals go straight back.  Below is the entire plant.  She's also a much lighter shade of green than my others. 

Of course, the piece with the bloom on it fell off on the ride home, so Amy's got it rooting across the street.  I'm looking forward to many more cool little blooms from her. 

I'm off to search out her name...  That didn't take long.  I no sooner posted this that I found it, Huernia Procumbens.



  1. What a beautiful huge plant! I cannot find big ones (huernia's) like that here! Lucky girl!

  2. How sweet!!!! I love my Huernia.....started as a cutting from my SIL.....mine is an H. schneideriana.
    Enjoy your new beauty!!!!!!