Monday, October 8, 2012

Kalanchoe Gastronis Gonnierfi 'Donkey Ears'

One of my absolute favorite Kalanchoes is the Kalanchoe Gastronis Gonnierfi 'Donkey Ears'.  In one of our weekend coast trips, Amy and I spent the day visiting local nurseries.  At a new one to us, I found what looked like a Donkey Ear, but without the mottled leaves.  I saw it from two rows over and knew that if it was less than $25 that it was coming home with me.  At our nurseries in San Antonio, this baby would have been that at a minimum just based on sheer size alone.  That being said, I cautioulsy slid through recently watered muddy ailses and hit pay dirt!

This baby was $12.50 and it was huge!  It was tagged 'Donkey Ear' and the little plantlets grow on it's leaves the same as the one I already have, but the leaves are much longer, fatter and not have spots like the one below.   I bought a few other things and ended up getting her for $9.00!!!  Talk about making Mandy a happy girl! We pulled off a number of babies and still had a bunch left on the plant.  If anyone knows anything about this different variety of the Donkey Ear, please share.  I've Googled until I gave up because I can only get the one below to show up.



  1. Really nice. Never seen this one before.

    1. The one on the bottom is one that I've had for a few years now and absolutley adore! My mother and I stumbled on them on one of her visits and now I see them all over the place here. They're pretty easy going and have gorgeous blooms!

  2. It looks like a kalanchoe...but then it makes me think of a tree orchid or a wild tree something...or is it another form of Kalanchoe? WOW...I have spent about an hour barking up the wrong trees online trying to find out. How frustrating!!! I just posted a Donkey Ear for you on my blog!!!

  3. I don't mean tree orchid, I mean epiphytic plants. There are Kalanchoe that are epiphytic and include:
    Kalanchoe campanulata
    Kalanchoe globulifera
    Kalanchoe gracilipes
    Kalanchoe ndotoensis
    Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx
    Kalanchoe pumila
    Kalanchoe schizophylla
    Kalanchoe uniflora

    I have not seen these yet, but intend to check them out to see if there is a match! I found these names HERE. There is just something about the leaf that says "grows in trees" to me. Weird. I am probably all wrong...but we will see!!! LOL.
    xoxo- Julie

  4. It is hard to find any photos of these rarer kalenchoes. I did find this page which has a camera button to click on each type (for a photo), which will take a few minutes, but you might hit on it. I will keep looking too, as I can. Will have grandkids Sunday...but maybe Monday.
    Botanica Sistematica

  5. it is Sunday night and I have looked over all the Kalanchoe at Glasshouseworks. Check out this page and scroll down to KALANCHOE MORTAGEI CRENATA. The third pic from the left looks good. What do you think??? The last three shots of it also look similar.

  6. I have this and in a year it has grown about 3' tall. Magnificant!!! Really like it especially when it reproductes more plants. Was shopping at Boxwoods in Buckhead (Atlanta, Ga.) and the gardener gave me one of the small plants off the leaf and that's how I got mine. He called it monkeys ear....would not trade it for anything else except Corsican Stonecrop.