Saturday, April 14, 2012

Front Yard Succulents

Now that Thing One and Thing Two have joined our family, I decided to expand my succulent obsession to the front yard.  Planted here, they have a chance to survive without being mauled and ripped apart by naughty puppies. I started with the tree planter; 24 lovely little succulents of various varieties are loving their new home here.

My last grouping came out blurry, but this is the majority of them.  In the few weeks since I've planted them, they have all had a little growth.  I'm really hoping that we won't have another summer like last year.  If we can at least have a couple of weeks of 80/90 degree weather, they might grow a little more before stalling for the summer. 

I can't get more pictures to load on this one, so tomorrow it's the front porch.


  1. This looks so pretty, Mandy!!! Thanks for your comment on cozy books! I had to do some searching to find out what the "cozy" part meant...but oh, gosh, what fun!!! Did you see that the one author, Alina Adams left me a comment??? She has multimedia ones!!! Pretty cool!!!

    I love your new succulent area! I keep thinking about your Mom...I want to send her a has been so long...I hope I can think of something good. I have no time for crafting have fallen off the wagon!!! Oh well...soon I hope to surprise her!!!

    Are you liking your new job? I had an interview at the county library last week...fingers crossed!!!
    xoxo- Julie

    1. Thanks, Julie! I saw that and thought it was really cool! I get so excited when an author comments on a blog post or my facebook if they're not just normal people like us!!

      I love my new job, the people are great and I enjoy the work. I hope you get the library job, that would be spectacular!! I might not get much work done though, I'd be stacking books aside that I needed to read!

      I meant to ask you, would you like some leaves off the Kalanchoe 'pinata'? I thought about your grandbabies when I did my experiment and thought that might be something they'd enjoy watching. Let me know.

  2. Mandy, how is things developing in this nice garden. I see A. 'kiwi', which is easy to multiply, I started with six and have whole patches of them now. Also love the E. nodulosa, lost mine, need to find one again. LT