Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thirty Days of Me...Day 3

Continuing with the Thirty Days of Me theme, here's day three...My First Love

When I thought about this, my first thought was, "I suppose that's the guy I dated through most of high school." But I thought a little more and thought I'd go back a little further.  When I was maybe 12 or 13, we lived across the street from this kid that was several years older than me.  I think his name was John, but what I really remember was that I was just infatuated with him.  He had the scruffy Bon Jovi hair style going and would spend hours in the street on his skateboard.  He'd talk to me, but I doubt that he knew I had a crush on him.  I don't remember if we moved first or if he did, but that was that.  Not as juicy as the high school love huh, but a lot more innocent!  

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday!


  1. As your mother, I was looking forard to the juicy tidbits about your high school love. Rats! Another day, perhaps?

  2. Ha ha ha to your MOM!!! She is so cute!!! Give her more juicy details, Mandy!!! I will tune in for them as well!!! LOLOL!

    This is fun!!! I love those middle school crushes!