Friday, April 15, 2011

Pool Happenings...A Giant Sandpile

They're in the backyard now putting up the new pool...wahoo!!  One of the things we had to do was have 7 yards of sand delivered prior to them coming out this morning.  We had the sand delivered yesterday afternoon and I had forgotten how much fun my girls had in the sand.  I thought, who needs the coast when you can have a giant sand dune in your own driveway!

I didn't realize I downloaded this, but it works so's a video.

Daughter #2 stayed out until 9 and made herself a little dugout!

She was back out this morning before the guys needed the sand for the backyard.  She's concerned that there won't be any left and wants to stow away a bucket!

Dottie had to walk over and check it out too.  She made the mistake of coming across the street and Amy tossed her up on top to see if she liked it.  She layed for a while with the attitude "This is the biggest litter box ever and it's all mine!"...she's the only cat I tolerate in case you're wondering if I jumped off the deep end!  She's a trip though and recently we were appointed "God Parents" for the two dogs and Miss Dottie in case something happens to their people parents. 

More on the pool to follow, they're out they're digging and leveling away!

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  1. Little Dottie...what a cat!!! Loves her sand pile!!! The girls were having a load of fun with it too! Sweet!