Monday, October 18, 2010

Cactus Monday

It's about time!  The past several weeks I've missed Cactus Monday, and that's irked me just a little.   I just repotted these darlings...Echeverias and a little Tiger Jaw tucked together.  Not sure what the burgandy one is called, but I think the others are Peacockii Echeveria and a Topsy Turvy. 

Happy Cactus Monday! 

To join in, stop by Teri's Painted Daisies and link up. 

Have a great day!


  1. HCM Mandy,
    Beautiful. the fresh green echeveria looks like a chrysenthemum flower, doesn't it?

    Have a nice week, Evelyn

  2. They look wonderful together, great companions! Show us again when they grow.


  3. Thanks! Evelyn, I never thought about it, but looking at it again, it really does look like a chrysenthemum!

  4. A lovely combination of pretty succulents. HCM!

  5. Beautiful arrangement with loads of pretty color! I noted from your last post that you are a leaf lover, just like me! The only blooms that seem to do anything for me are these darn okra blooms. I think you should grow some with me next summer! I want to try one of the red varieties...doesn't that sound like fun???

    Happy late CM!

  6. I'm with you Julie...I have a fondness for the the leaves! I just realized that my blooming plants are down to slim pickings...pretty much just my bougainvillea and hibiscus for non-succulents. The succulents have taken over! I do think I'm going to try okra next summer alongside you! I'm looking forward to fried okra on demand already!!

  7. This is a delightful bowl full of succulents. Thanks so much for the id of the rick rack cactus. I hope I don't kill it. UGH... It is time for me to bring in all my plants as it is beginning to get cold at night. No frost yet though. HCM a few days late.

  8. Happy belated cactus Monday. Great succulent pot!