Sunday, December 18, 2011

Succulent Birdhouse

After seeing another friend's succulent birdhouse, it was only natural that I needed one for myself as well.  It just so happened that my mother's birthday was coming up, so I ordered one for both of us.  Mine arrived a week ago and I adore it!!

I ordered them from The Succulent Perch.  You can find her on Facebook or email her at for a catalogue and order form.  They make a really nice gift and are definitely out of the norm.  She takes care to try and include succulents that do well in your area as well as will send detailed care instructions.  She also includes a list of what succulents are used in your birdhouse.  That was pretty smashing for someone like myself who loves details.

After getting a quick shower with the kitchen sink sprayer, mine perked up quite nice from the travel and is enjoying her spot on the kitchen table.  In the spring I'll move her outside, but for now she'll enjoy the light from the back window.  I'm looking forward to watching it fill in, and since succulents are good about doing that I shouldn't have to wait long!



  1. got a pretty one!!! I think you needed a little pick me up after what your poochies did in greenhouse, for sure??? :)

  2. How beautiful honey! I am so glad you love yours like I do mine! What happened with the pups now! I will check your previous post. did they get threw your defenses?