Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photo Blankets

After last year's success with the Snapfish calendars, I got a little adventurous this year.  In addition to ordering the calendars again, I put together a photo blanket for my mother and Bob's mother.  My mother got her box today, so I made her open it while I was on the phone with her tonight because I knew she was going to love it and I wanted to her her reaction to it.  I might have children of my own, but I'm still a spoiled brat when it comes to my mother and I like it that way!  One of the many downsides of living so far from my parents is not getting to share holidays and open gifts in person, and seeing the reactions are the best parts.  Now that I think about it, we should have done the whole web cam thing, but I just thought about it...darn! 

So anyways, here's what she just opened.  Bob's mother's is the second one...she's not online so there's no worry of her seeing it early.

They were super simple to order, just pick out the pictures you want on there and how many and then choose the color and you're done!  You can also choose to have a title, but I wasn't too sure about that.  The fleece fabric was a little thinner than what I was expecting, but after handling them several times to show different people, I was happy with them.  They'll be a great year round blanket with my little people always close by!

Merry Christmas!


  1. These are really neat, Mandy! You didn't tell us what your Moms reaction was, although I'm sure she just loved it!!! Great idea for anyone with kids or grandkids! Thanks for sharing. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas as well.

  2. Thanks, Julie! I guess that would've been helpful, huh...she loved it! I thought it was a fun idea. One of my co-workers made one for her little boy, she put his football pictures on it. I thought that idea was super cute too!

  3. That is awesome. I bet she loves it! She will think of you everytime she sees it and uses it. That is a great gift! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  4. Hi, I am Mandy's mother, and I absolutely loved the blanket. My only problem is, do I hang it above my desk so that I get to see them all the time. Or do I wrap myself in it. It was probably the best gift along with the calendar I get each year. I wish that my mother was still alive and she would have received one herself. My Mandy is always so thoughtful towards me. I am blessed beyond measure. I love you, Mandy.