Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Succulents

Today I followed a tip from my mother and made a trip to Lowe's during my lunch hour.  They had an great selection of succulents and to make it even better, they were all 50% off!  Brought home more than I should have, but how could I resist them! I'll take pictures later to post, but my favorite is the Pig's Ear.  I've collected pigs of all sorts since I was maybe 10, so that was a must have for my collection.  My husband, who's extremely patient with my addiction took me to the Lowe's near our house this evening and I picked up a few more.  I'm not great with the scientific names on all of them, but I think the common names make them so much more fun!


  1. I agree with you! I love the common names so much more than the scientific, but I will tell you that one of the best investments I ever made was a softbound book called "Succulents The Illustrated Dictionary". It is all photos of so many sux and their scientific names! Of course they are not all in there...and they keep coming up with more darn's irritating. I do like to collect the succulent books to go with my collection is fun to just sit and look and read about them also! I can hardly wait to win the lottery and travel to Cape Town, South Africa and the Canary Islands to see so many in the wild!!! Have you discovered the succulents at Target yet??? They usually have quite a good selection!

  2. Julie,
    Thanks so much for the tip on the book! I'm going to have to find it. I'm new at this blogging thing, so I no idea I had a comment...oops! I'll have to figure that out now. I also collect succulent books to go along with my collection! I love it when I come across one I didn't know the name of and there it is in front of me! I haven't seen them at the Target's here in San Antonio yet, but I'm going to look deeper. I find great ones at Walmart's great because they're generally so much less than the actual nurseries and they always seem to have odd ones mixed in with the usual.

    Thanks for stopping by...this is going to be fun!